Intervju med Minka, CEO til MilaKrasna

MilaKrasna er det eksklusive high-end merket for pole & aerial wear. Vi spurte Minka, CEO til MilaKrasna hvor hun fikk sin inspirasjon fra og hva hennes visjon for MilaKrasna framover.

1. Tell us about the brand. How did MilaKrasna start?

It all started out of a simple idea, hobby actually, of making underpants. Whenever I was leading various artistic courses I used breaks during them for making undergarments, because friends needed it. They soon become obsessed with them and so the business picked up.

2. What is your vision for MilaKrasna? Where do you see MilaKrasna in the future? MilaKrasna is to become one of the most recognizable bodywear brands. The brand is a must-have piece in every pole dancer wardrobe and although we already landed there, we still have to add new collections and keep following the high standards of fabric and design quality, to give added value to each pole dancer and inspire each dance routine. Brand's vision is also based on increasing awareness for the industry of pole dance on fashion events globally.

3. How do you want people to feel when wearing your clothes? Inspired, confident and empowered.

4. What was your biggest fear when starting your own fashion line?

The brand kickoff was spontaneous as was the business behind it, therefore we were not focused on obstacles nor we had fears.

5. The designs you created are no doubt exquisite and beautiful, but who and which things were your inspiration when creating such designs?

Our main inspiration is coming from pole dancers and still today this is essential for our success. We are also taking inspiration from strong, confident and empowered women and aside of that everyday life, art, architecture, film industry etc. has been a rich source of ideas for our designs. It's hard to determine just one source, because source as colourful, various and are coming from different fields, people and industries.

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