Norwegian Pole and Hoop Championship 
20-22 May 2022 in Lillestrøm

The Norwegian Pole and Hoop Championship will be held at Lillestrøm Kultursenter. We are organizing competition in Pole Sport, Pole Artistic, Hoop Sport, Hoop Artistic and Ultra Pole. 



  • Age limit: 13 (except for Ultra Pole which the age limit is 16)

  • Categories: Pole Sport, Pole Artistic, Ultra Pole, Para Pole, Hoop Sport, Hoop Artistic 

  • Athletes have to have a valid membership and pay for application fee. 

  • Chaperones, coaches, human props and assistants must pay for the participation fee in order to attend the championship. Deadline: 30th April 2022 23:59 CET. Register her. 

  • ​Only IPSF approved coaches can join athletes at 'Kiss and Cry' tribune. Coaches must have tracksuits to join 'Kiss & Cry'. 

  • ​We recommend that human props have insurance to participate in the championship.

  • ​Athletes have to have tracksuits. Athletes can purchase their own tracksuits or through the federation. Information about ordering coming soon.


BEFORE you apply, you must:

  • Read the documents that apply to you. 

  • Join the federation and pay the membership fee. This is not required for Open athletes. (Membership fee is non-refundable. Membership fee also covers insurance). BECOME A MEMBER HERE

  • Fill in the application form and pay the registration fee. The application fee is not refundable unless the competition is canceled. 

  • Submit additional documentation to the application by the deadline if relevant. 


Approved athletes will receive a confirmation email and will be announced on our website. (Unapproved athletes will also receive mail). 

Athletes will have access to the athlete portal where information and submission will take place.

Once you have been confirmed as an athlete, you must:

  • Log in to the athlete portal

  • Read through and note down all deadlines. Note: the deadlines can be changed and will be updated on our website and on the athlete portal. 

    • Deadline for submission of Compulsory, Technical Bonus and Artistic Theme Sheet forms: approximately 4 weeks before the competition date

    • Deadline for delivery of costume and music for approval: approximately 4 weeks before the competition date

    • ​Deadline for submission of certification from WADA anti-doping courses: approximately 4 weeks before the competition date

  • Submit music, forms and other information within the stated deadlines. 


TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Ved å sende inn søknaden til Norgesmesterskap bekrefter du følgende: 

  1. I confirm that upon submitting this application, I am a participant in the Norwegian Championship in Pole and Hoop 2022

  2. I confirm that I have read and accept the Rules of Competition included in the documents. 

  3. I confirm that I have read and accepted the competition's ethical guidelines, formulated in the document "The IPSF Code of Ethics". I will follow this and act as a professional athlete throughout the event.

  4. I confirm to have read and accepted "IPSF No Show Policy".

  5. I confirm to that I will be required to pass WADA antidoping course and may be tested for doping during the competition. 

  6. I understand that all my expenses in connection with the Norwegian Championship in Pole and Hoop 2022 are my sole responsibility and will not be covered by the Norwegian Pole Sport Federation.

  7. I give up all rights to all pictures and videos taken during the Norwegian Championship in Pole and Hoop 2022, and accepts that these can be used to promote Pole Sports, the Norwegian Pole Sport Federation and the competition's sponsors worldwide.

  8. I agree to interview, be filmed or photographed by the media.

  9. I agree to follow and respect the set times for rehearsal and performance.

  10. I understand my duty to attend the medal ceremony and that I have no chance of avoiding this, other than an approved medical cause.

  11. I understand that behavior that interferes with the competition can lead to minus points and disqualification in accordance with Chapters the "IPSF Rules and Regulation".

  12. I understand and agree that the Norwegian Pole Sport Federation is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, my personal assets.

  13. I understand that my participation in the Norwegian Championship in Pole and Hoop 2022 is at my own risk. I understand that any damages or accidents associated with my participation are my responsibility and not the Norwegian Pole Sport Federation. I understand that I am obliged to have insurance.

  14. I agree to wear my tracksuit during the entire event, except during my performance.

  15. I confirm that I am responsible for keeping up to date on information and notification about the Norwegian Pole and Hoop 2022 Championship from the federation.

  16. ​I have read and understood the privacy policy of the Norwegian Pole Sport Federation. 

For questions about the championship

 contact us at​